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Cooling System

Porsche Panamera

A defect in the cooling system in certain Porsche vehicles can lead to sudden failure and complete loss of vehicle power, according to the complaint for this class action. This can be extremely dangerous, particularly if the car is traveling at high speeds on highways at the time. What makes it worse, the complaint claims, is that Porsche has known of this defect for more than ten years. 

ASUS GL502VS Laptop

The complaint for this class action argues that certain ASUS laptops have defective batteries and cooling systems. What makes this claim particularly eyebrow-raising is that the complaint claims that the computers’ performance suffers from this battery drain even when they are connected to an electrical outlet. The laptops are supposedly designed for video gaming, but according to the complaint, they cannot draw enough power from outlets and must simultaneously draw on the battery or suffer degraded performance. This in turn helps degrade the battery.