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Contents Have Less of Active Ingredient Than Label Claims

Bottle of aSquared Nutrition SAM-e

Do you take SAM-e supplements? Unfortunately, the amounts of SAM-e found in a number of brands of SAM-d supplements may not always be as much as the label says—sometimes as little as 12 to 18%. 

Four-Pack of Atkins Chocolate Shakes

Can a bottled drink really replace a meal? How healthy and nutritious are Atkins Shakes? 

Gummy Candies Spilling from the Mouth of a Jar

Products containing CBD (cannabidiol) are becoming popular. For example, some people say that a drop of oil or a gummy candy infused with CBD alleviates anxiety. But the industry is not federally-regulated, and some companies are taking advantage of that. Many products do not contain nearly as much CBD as promised, and some contain none at all.

Premier Protein Shake, Bananas & Cream Flavor

Premier Nutrition Corporation is putting up $9 million to settle a class action alleging that it made false and misleading statements about its Protein Ready-to-Drink Shake products. The complaint claimed that the shakes do not contain as much protein as their product labeling says.

Roundup Super Concentrate Bottle

Monsanto is settling a class action about its Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate Plus or Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Super Concentrate. The class action that the advertising for the products claimed they made more spray solution than they were actually capable of making, violating false advertising laws and breaching warranties.

Nature's Science Garcinia Cambogia Product

Wellnx Life Sciences makes high claims for its Nature’s Science “100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia” weigh loss product. Unfortunately, the complaint for this class action alleges that the product is not effective for weight loss and does not contain the amount of active ingredient hydroxyxitric acid (HCA) advertised, in violation of a number of state and federal laws.

Biogenesis B12 Product Bottles

The Nutraceutical Corporation does business under a number of brand names and makes a liquid vitamin B12 supplement in the form of methylcobalamin (MeCO), as well as a number of similar products. The complaint claims that MeCO may be less stable than other forms of vitamin B12, but that the company chooses it because consumers have a preference for it and does not warn consumers that the amount of B12 the product contains will lessen over time. In the same way, the complaint claims, the company chooses to provide the product in a liquid form, even though it may degrade faster, because some people cannot swallow tablets or capsules. But according to the complaint for this class action, if the product instability is so great that the amount of substance becomes negligible, the labeling information is deceptive and false.

St. John's Wort Plant

St. John’s wort is known as a medicinal herb that can relieve depression. The National Institutes of Health’s website says a group of 29 studies showed that it may be “as effective as standard prescription antidepressants for major depression of mild to moderate severity.” The active ingredient in this plant is hypericin, and studies have shown that a dose of .9 mg per day is beneficial. However, independent lab tests have shown that some brands labeled to show that they contain this amount actually contained much less, from as little as .166 mg to .615 mg.

Costco Store

Among its many vitamins, minerals, and other supplements, Costco sells two supplements containing milk thistle, Trunature Milk Thistle and Trunature Liver Health Complex. This class action alleges that Costco cut corners in its manufacturing of the products, so that the supplements contain far less silymarin—the main ingredient of milk thistle—than the labels advertise.