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Colorful Pile of Silicone Wristbands

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is investigating promotional wristbands—or the companies that make them. This class action grew out of that investigation, according to its complaint, which claims that from at least June 2014 to at least June 2016, the defendants used text messages, online messaging platforms, and in-person meetings to conspire to fix prices for wristbands and other customized merchandise.

Policeman with Hand Emerging from Cell Phone Making "Stop!" Sign

Malcolm Campbell browsed the website looking at health insurance plans. At some point, according to the complaint for this class action, he clicked a button labeled “See Plan Quotes”. Apparently, the website owner believes that his clicking that button satisfies the requirements of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for getting his “prior express written consent” to receive telemarketing calls from more than 800 companies. 

Mrs. Smith's Pie Package

Plaintiff Shatequa Leguette bought a Mrs. Smith’s Original Flaky Crust Pie, and the label on the package read, “Made with Real Butter”. Unfortunately, according to the allegations in this class action, the label would have been more accurate if it had added, “…but mostly made with palm oil!” The ingredient label lists a “shortening butter blend” made with “palm oil, butter (cream, salt)”, with palm oil listed first as the predominant ingredient.

Ikea Malm Four-Drawer Dresser

Eight children have now died from overturned dressers in Ikea’s Malm furniture line. The first death from an Ikea dresser (although not from the Malm line) occurred in 1989. Ikea has received 186 reports of incidents with the Malm dressers, 91 of them involving injuries to children, as well as 113 reports involving other dressers, 53 of them involving injuries. Although it issued a recall of the Malm dressers in 2016, only one million of the approximately 17.3 million dressers has been serviced or refunded, and some are questioning whether the company’s recall efforts were vigorous enough. Ikea has now issued a second recall. We are investigating incidents of Malm dresser overturns.

Claire's Storefront

Rhode Island mom Kristie Warner was concerned about the glittery children’s make-up her six-year-old daughter was using. The make-up was from Claire’s, a popular mall store which targets young girls and teens. She sent some of it to a laboratory, which reported back that the sample contained tremolite, a form of asbestos that can cause mesothelioma, “an aggressive and deadly form of cancer” that develops in the tissues lining your lungs, abdomen, or heart. Claire’s has temporarily pulled the products until it can do its own lab tests, but we’re investigating as well. 

Teapot and Cups from MacKenzie Childs Website

This class action investigation focuses on whether MacKenzie Childs and NaviStone violated federal wiretapping laws by eavesdropping on visitors to MacKenzie Childs websites.

Tackle Direct Lures in Case

This class action investigation focuses on whether Tackle Direct and NaviStone violated federal wiretapping laws by eavesdropping on visitors to Tackle Direct websites.