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Pure Leaf Iced Tea "All Natural" Class Action Lawsuit


Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of processed foods in their diets.  This class action lawsuit involves Pure Leaf Ice Tea's false “all-natural” claims in many of its products.

            When one thinks of all-natural iced tea, fresh tea brewing in clean water comes to mind.  The last thing a conscious consumer wants in their beverage are synthetic, artificial, and genetically modified ingredients.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what Pepsi used to manufacture its Pure Leaf Iced Tea products.  Some of these ingredients include Citric Acid and what they deem “Natural Flavor.”  Instead of being honest with consumers, Pepsi deceptively informed and led its customers to believe that Pure Leaf Iced Tea is “All Natural.”  Other descriptions and advertisements used phrases such as “Real Brewed Tea,” “Fresh Brewed Taste,” “No Preservatives,” and “No Added Color.”  These deceptive descriptions as well as different natural looking images such as leaves on the labeling absolutely deceived consumers.

            Different flavors of Pure Leaf contain different synthetic ingredients.  The “Sweet,” “Extra Sweet,” “Lemon,” and “Unsweetened Tea” flavors all contain citric acid.  The “Lemon” flavors also contain artificial flavoring other than citric acid.

            One plaintiff in this case, Margaret Cruz Acevedo, is a resident of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  Acevedo purchased Pure Leaf on many occasions, but most recently at a Subway franchise in San Juan.  When she purchased the product that day, she was under the impression that she was purchasing an “all-natural” beverage.  Had she known that the product contained artificial and synthetic ingredients, she certainly would not have purchased the product. 

            Based on the facts of the case, the plaintiffs allege that Pepsi committed deceptive and unfair marketing and was unjustly enriched at the expense of consumers.

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