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Nature’s Miracle “Natural” Dog Shampoo Investigation

Nature's Miracle Shed Control Shampoo

Nowadays, many consumers are willing to pay more for products that are labeled as “natural” because they believe they’re safer. This trend has extended even to products made for pets.

United Pet Group (UPG) makes a line of dog shampoos under the Nature’s Miracle brand that it markets as being “natural.” The word natural is both on the front label and in the narrative on the back label. However, a careful consumer who checks the list of ingredients won’t find specific information about what is actually contained in the products. Instead, the company uses general terms such as “plant derived surfactants & odor control systems,” “rinsing and conditioning agents,” “fragrances,” or “preservatives.”

We’re afraid that these general terms are hiding a list of artificial and synthetic chemicals.

The US Code defines a “synthetic” as meaning “a substance that is formulated or manufactured by a chemical process that chemically changes a substance extracted from naturally occurring plant, animal, or mineral sources,” excluding “naturally occurring biological processes” (such as fermentation).

So it’s not enough for UPG to claim that its ingredient are “derived” from plants. That alone does not make a substance “natural.” The claim is especially deceptive if the plant extract is combined with synthetic chemicals to create the final product. And if the company is not trying to deceive consumers, why not list the actual ingredients?

Consumers must rely on what companies say about products, so companies have a duty to be truthful in their labels and claims.

We’re concerned that these shampoos contain synthetic or chemical ingredients that may be originally derived from plants but that have been transformed by processing and additives into substances that can cause adverse reactions or that are potentially hazardous or toxic.

These are the Nature’s Miracle dog shampoo products we’re currently investigating, to see if a class action is needed:

  • Shed Control Dog Shampoo
  • Easy Rinse Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs
  • Natural Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Natural Whitening Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’ve used any of these products, please fill out the form on this page and share your experience with us.


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