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Honda CR-V Windshield Prone to Stress Cracking Class Action

2019 Honda CR-V

This class action brings suit against American Honda Motor Co., Inc. for defective windshields. The complaint alleges that windshields in Honda CR-V vehicles can spontaneously crack or shatter, endangering people in the vehicle as well as those in other vehicles on the road.

The Nationwide Class for this action is all individuals who, within the limitations period, bought or leased a 2017-2019 model year Honda CR-V. There is an Illinois Subclass for those who bought or leased the vehicle in Illinois.

Plaintiff Hakeem Hasan awoke one morning to find that his Honda’s windshield had cracked. He took it in to his dealer who agreed with him that it had cracked from stress and not from anything striking it. However, Honda refused to repair the windshield under warranty. The complaint claims that the company “warrants that it will repair broken, chipped, and scratched window glass due to defects in material and/or workmanship,” and even though the dealer had agreed that the cracking was due to a defect in the windshield.

The complaint claims that the windshield defect poses a significant safety hazard to those inside and outside the vehicle: “Windshield cracks and splintering impair the driver’s view and cause driver distraction. In the event of a collision, weakened and dislodged glass can cause cuts, eye damage, and other injuries. In addition, especially due to other safety features installed in [the CR-Vs] which require clear windshields in order to operate normally, windshields are a vital component of vehicles’ passenger protection system.”

Honda markets the CR-Vs “as especially safe vehicles,” the complant claims, despite the windshield defect. It says that Honda either knew or should have known about the problem.

The complaint quotes online postings about this defect:

  • “My windshield just cracked (when turning on the windshield defrost)…”
  •  “…I got in the car yesterday and noticed a 6-inch crack in the middle of the windshield…. And it’ll have to be replaced with an OEM windshield, otherwise the LKAS system won’t work…”
  •  “…Crack appeared from the top down, on the passenger side. I had it replaced… Two weeks later, there is another crack from the bottom up.”
  •  “…I am on my THIRD windshield. This is absolutely ridiculous.”

Parts of the Honda owner’s manual are reproduced in the complaint, noting that the CR-V’s sensing systems require a clear, unobstructed windshield in order to perform properly. 

The complaint alleges breaches of warranties, among other things.

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