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Genpact Services Debt Collection Class Action Lawuit


The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Genpact Services, a consumer debt collection company, made calls attempting to collect debt without disclosing its identity to many Florida residents.

            One plaintiff in this lawsuit, James Alderman, is a resident of Indian River County, Florida.  Genpact Services was the company responsible for collecting his delinquent credit card debt.  In April 2016, Genpact left three telephone messages on Alderman’s phone.  The first message stated: “Hi this message is for James Alderman my name is Justin from Genpact Services uh uh please call me back 877-843-7934 thank you for your time, take care, you have a good day.”  The second message said: “Message for James Alderman, Steven calling form Genpact Services with a call back number as 877-843-7934, thank you.”  The third message stated: “This is a message for James Alderman my name is Tom Carol and I’m calling from Genpact Services give us a call back at 877-843-7934 thank you and have a nice day bye bye thank you.”  None of the messages left on Alderman’s voicemail identified that the call was from a debt collector.

            Alderman’s allegations are not the only ones; many people across Florida have been called by Genpact Services in order to collect debt.  In all cases, Genpact’s phone messages falsely and misleadingly omit that the message is from a debt collector.  They also fail to provide meaningful disclosure of Genpact’s identity. 

            Based on the facts of the case, the plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Genpact Services violated 15 U.S.C. § 1692e and 15 U.S.C. § 1692d(6) by failing to disclose their identity in attempt to collect private consumer debts.

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