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Ford Use of Bosch CP4 Diesel Fuel Pump California Class Action

Ford 2018 Truck

The complaint for this class action claims that the Bosch CP4 fuel pump begins damaging American vehicles from the very first tank of gas. Ford has used this fuel pump in many of its diesel trucks, but the complaint claims that American gasoline standards don’t allow the pump the lubrication it needs, eventually causing damage throughout the vehicle’s system.

The class for this action is all persons or entities in California who are current or former owners or lessees of model year 2011-2018 Ford diesel vehicles that have Power Stroke 6.7L engines.

Bosch is a European company, and it designed the CP4 fuel pump for European diesel fuel. Ford used the pump in many of its diesel trucks, promising customers better torque, horsepower, durability, and fuel economy. Unfortunately, the complaint claims, “the C4 fuel pump is not compatible with American diesel fuel.” 

The problem, the complaint claims, is that American fuel tends to have less sulfur and more water, which means less lubricity and more friction. Eventually the friction causes metal shards to wear off the pump surfaces. The shards are then distributed throughout the system, causing more and more damage. Eventually, the vehicle engine may suddenly cut off during use and not start again. Repair bills can range from $8,000 to $20,000.

The complaint claims that Ford knew the fuel pumps were a problem but put them in its Power Stroke vehicles anyway. It quotes extensively from e-mails and other materials to show that Ford was aware of the problem but failed to solve it.

For example, according to the complaint, a 2004 e-mail from a Ford fuel injection engineer referred to a trip to Germany in an e-mail with an attachment that included these words: “US diesel standards (ASTM D975) allow up to 500 ppm water content in fuel; European specifications (EN590) allow 200 ppm max. More variation in US Consumer fuel sources and fuel quality…”

And in a 2009 e-mail discussion of ultralow sulfur American diesel fuel (ULSD), a diesel power train systems technical specialist at Ford wrote that “the data does contain some ULSD which due to the process to remove sulfur tends to reduce lubricity.”

According to the complaint, “Bosch CP4 failures in US Audi and Volkswagen vehicles were widespread and catastrophic by the end of 2011.” Even so, when customers asked for repairs, Ford blamed problems on contaminated fuel, a problem not covered by its warranties. 

The complaint claims that Ford has committed fraud by concealment and breached warranties, among other things. 

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