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Ford Lifted Trucks Incorrect Jack and Spare Tire and Voided Warranty Class Action

Ford 2017 Super-Duty Lifted Truck

This class action involves Ford’s “lifted trucks”—that is, trucks that sit higher off the ground than Ford’s regular or “stock trucks” and that have larger tires than stock trucks. The complaint alleges that the jacks and spare tires that come with the lifted trucks are made for the stock trucks, so that the jacks do not lift the trucks high enough to safely change a tire and the spare tires do not fit.

The nationwide class for this action includes all persons who bought or leased lifted trucks in the US within the relevant statute of limitations. The statewide class includes all persons who bought or leased lifted trucks in Oklahoma within the relevant statue of limitations. The two statute of limitations periods have not been defined.

The complaint claims that plaintiff Matthew W. Leverett bought a new 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck, with a pre-installed six-inch lift kit, from an Elk City, OK Ford dealership. According to the complaint, the lift kit raised the truck’s suspension up by six inches as compared to stock trucks, and the rims and tires were larger than those on stock trucks, making it a Lifted Truck.

When Leverett bought the truck, the complaint says, the truck’s window sticker indicated that a jack and spare tire were included, but these items turned out to be the right size for smaller, stock trucks and too small for the lifted truck. The complaint alleges that all such jacks and tires

Included with Ford’s lifted trucks are too small for the lifted trucks.

The complaint says that Leverett also bought a vehicle service agreement that covered the lift kit and larger tires, but that the lift kit and larger tires, and any other repair that might have involved the lift kit or larger tires, were not covered by Ford’s manufacturer’s warranty. Because of this, the complaint says, the warranty was voided in such a way that repair work would not be covered at Ford facilities other than the one where the truck was purchased, something that was not disclosed when Leverett bought the truck.

The complaint alleges that both the incompatible jack and tire and the warranty voiding violate the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act, as well as other laws. Among the relief the complaint seeks are both action or damages relating to the wrong-sized jack and tire and the declaration that Ford’s warranty is not voided by the conversion of a stock truck into a lifted truck.

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