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Bed Bath & Beyond Deceptive Advertising “100% Egyptian Cotton” Class Action

BB&B Damask Bed Sheets

If you look up “Egyptian cotton” in Bed Bath & Beyond’s own glossary, the complaint for this class action says, you will read, “The world's finest cotton, it has the longest, strongest staple, resulting in the softest, most luxurious fabric and feel.” Egyptian cotton is thus highly desirable, says the complaint, but it alleges that Bed Bath & Beyond’s Damask Stripe 500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets are made primarily from inferior types of cotton.

The class for this action includes all US residents who bought Damask Stripe 500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. in the US from August 17, 2013 to the present.

Bed Bath & Beyond is generally considered a reputable seller of home goods, including bedding, linens, towels, bathroom items, home décor, and other products. Among its products are the Damask Stripe 500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets. Egyptian cotton is highly desirable, the complaint says, because it is stronger and more durable, because its absorption of liquids can produce a deeper, richer color, and because it can be spun finer, providing a softer, more luxurious feel.

The complaint alleges that advertising a material as Egyptian cotton may be significant as well in that it may also attract consumers with textile allergies, and not only because of the type of fiber. According to the complaint, most cotton is industrially harvested, with the use of harsh chemicals to break down fibers, while Egyptian cotton is hand-harvested and specially processed. All these considerations may lead a consumer to pay more for “100% Egyptian cotton” bed sheets.

Yet the complaint alleges that testing has shown that the bed sheets in question are only 16% Egyptian cotton, with the rest of the fabric content being inferior types of cotton. However, Bed Bath & Beyond continues to advertise the sheets as being “100% Egyptian cotton.”

The complaint claims that the company’s deceptive advertising and labeling of the fabric content of the bed sheets violates state and federal law, including Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices and the Textile Identification Act and breached express and implied warranties. 

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