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Collecting Personal Data Without Notice/Consent

Word "Comcast" and Logo on Window

How much information about your private view habits is your cable company allowed to collect without your consent? The complaint for this class action alleges that Comcast Cable Communications, LLC violates subscribers’ federal privacy rights and Massachusetts consumer protection laws by gathering, maintaining, and using their data without their consent.

Colorful Google "G"

Google tracks and stores your every geographical move, the complaint for this class action says. And if you opt out of the tracking by turning off Location History, the complaint says, it still continues to track you. The complaint claims that Google has violated the California Invasion of Privacy Act and New York’s General Business Law, and engaged in intentional and negligent misrepresentation.

Google Logo

A recent lawsuit disclosed that Google intercepted e-mails to Gmail users, scanned the contents, then used them to serve up advertising. It did not tell senders that it was doing this. Crucially, the lawsuit was brought by a sender who had no Google accounts and so could not have consented to this violation of privacy. We’re investigating to see if a class action is needed to provide compensation to the senders of e-mails during that time.

Google Logo

Google, Inc. tells users of its Android phone system and apps that they can turn off the Location History function and it will not track them and store their locations. The complaint for this class action claims that this is false—that even if Location History is turned off, Google still tracks people by their mobile phones and records their locations, violating privacy laws. 

Listening to Can on String

“Wiretapping” has to do with monitoring or intercepting electronic communications, and a number of class actions now apply the term to surveillance of the behavior and identities of visitors to websites. The complaint for this class action alleges that Charles Tyrwhitt, Inc. used means provided by NaviStone, Inc. to identify and track visitors to its website,, to take away their anonymity and make them targets of its marketing.

TitleMax in Fort Worth

Consumers whose private information was obtained by TitleMax from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles can now obtain awards from the settlement of a class action brought on their behalf.

iPod Touch models

This settlement resolves several cases brought against companies that developed apps for Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. The complaints allege that versions of the Foodspotting, Foursquare, Gowalla, Instagram, Kik, Path, Twitter, and Yelp apps collected contact data from users’ devices, and that this was an invasion of privacy.