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Breach of Contract

Finger Pressing Uber Icon on Cell Phone Screen

The claims raised in this class action, the complaint says, “seek to provide redress to more than 96,000 New York City Uber Drivers … for breaches of contract affecting every member of the largest private sector workforce in New York City…” The class action concerns, first, deductions from Uber driver pay, purportedly for sales taxes and a surcharge for the Black Car Fund (BCF), which provides Workers’ Compensation to drivers. Second, it claims Uber kept two sets of books and charged passengers higher rates than it reported to drivers.

Spirit Airlines Plane in Flight

Spirit Airlines has become the butt of late-night comics’ jokes, but this class action makes a truly head-scratching allegation. It claims that Spirit sells passes that purportedly allow customers to skip normal airport security procedures. As the complaint notes, Spirit “has no intent or ability to provide such a service…”

Kansas City Life Insurance Company Building

Life insurance policies often have a “cash value” feature. Each month, the insurance company is able to deduct certain costs from the cash value—but only those costs permitted by the policy agreement. The complaint for this class action alleges that Kansas City Life Insurance Company deducts more than it is entitled to from the cash value.

Digital Federal Credit Union Branch

Digital Federal Credit Union is settling a class action alleging that it charged customers overdraft fees when it should not have. The complaint alleged that customers were charged when they had enough in their ledger balances, but not in their available balances.

Hy-Vee Gas Station

Hy-Vee offers gas stations, restaurants, and what the complaint describes as “drive-through coffee shops.” Unfortunately, the company experienced a data breach this year, and the complaint for this class action alleges that the company failed to implement adequate security measures to protect customer information. 

Person Inserting Card in Processing Machine

When a small business accepts a card payment from a customer, it pays many different parties for the use of that payment method and the processing of the payment. The complaint for this class action alleges that PNC Merchant Services Company, LP adds an extra annual fee that it should not charge.

Allstate Sign on Building

When an insured person makes a claim for property losses, how are the value of the property and its depreciation costs determined? The complaint for this class action alleges that Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company does not properly calculate the value of properties because it subtracts depreciation for the value of labor.

2019 Ford Ranger

Ford has been sued in several class actions with allegations of false fuel economy numbers, first relating to its Ranger, and then relating to its F-150. This class action widens the field by not limiting the claims to any particular model of vehicle. The complaint only specifies vehicles of model years 2017 to 2019 “that were marketed and sold with overstated fuel economy…”

This class action alleges that H&R Block, Inc., HRB Tax Group, Inc., HRB Digital, LLC, and Free File, Inc. are not making their required free tax preparation services available enough to consumers. The complaint alleges that the Block companies hide the free tax preparation services and instead direct people to the paid sections of their websites.

Architectural Drawing of City National Bank of West Virginia Branch Building

This is one of a number of class actions filed this year against financial institutions for charging more than one non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee on a single item. In this case, the City National Bank of West Virginia is accused of charging as many as five on a single item.