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Associated with Child Labor or Slave Labor

Nestle KitKat Chocolate Bar

People want to buy from companies that behave ethically. Normally, we assume that ethical businesses do business only with ethical suppliers. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Nestlé USA, Inc. gets a majority of its chocolate from farms that use child labor and slave labor and that do environmental damage. Despite this, the complaint says, the company claims its chocolate is a sustainable, fair trade product.

Mars Chocolate Bar

This class action against chocolate-candy-maker Mars, Inc. does not claim that Mars uses child labor, but it says that Mars should not tolerate child labor anywhere in its supply chain. The complaint says that consumers would not buy chocolate produced by child labor and abuse, and that, in not disclosing the use of child labor, as well as slave labor, within its supply chain, Mars is violating the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act as well as unjustly enriching itself.