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All Natural Claims

Honest Company Diapers

The Honest Company, Inc. has agreed to settle a class action against it alleging that it used deceptive marketing and labels to claim that some of its products are “all natural” or “100% natural” when they are not.

Clorox Green Works Products

Many people are willing to pay more for products that seem to be safe because they are advertised as being “natural” or “naturally derived.” However, the complaint for this class action alleges that Clorox’s Green Works line of products should not be marketed with these words without some qualification, as they contain materials that are not natural and that may be allergens or otherwise harmful. According to the complaint, the products contain substances such as boric acid, caprylyl or capryl glucoside, citric acid, d-limonene, dimethicone/silica antifoam, methylisothiazolinone, sodium borate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and unspecified fragrances and artificial dyes. Some of these substances, the complaint claims, are associated with skin irritation, aquatic toxicity, immune system toxicity, and allergic reactions, and are therefore not what consumers believe they will find in products labeled “natural” or “naturally derived.”

Skeeter Snacks Cinnamon Grahams

Skeeter Snacks has agreed to settle a class action alleging that it deceptively advertised and packaged some of its snacks, claiming that they were “all natural” even though they contained artificial or synthetic ingredients such as anhydrous dextrose, lecithin, soy lecithin, and cocoa (processed with alkali).

Olivella Liquid Soap

What could be more “natural” than a face and body liquid soap made from olive oil? Perhaps one without chemicals and preservatives?

Scott Flushable Cleansing Cloths

Because consumers now prefer to buy products with natural, non-synthetic ingredients, the word “natural” can influence choices and even induce consumers to pay more for a product than for a similar but synthetic product. The complaint for this class action alleges that the Kimberly-Clark Corporation advertises its flushable cleansing cloths as “natural” when in reality they contain a number of synthetic ingredients, including sodium chloride, sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol, malic acid, polysorbate 20, lauryl glucoside, and sorbic acid.

Aveeno Active Naturals Products

Aveeno has agreed to settle a class action alleging that its line of Aveeno Active Natural products should not be called “natural” because the various products contain non-natural substances such as glycerin, benzaldehyde, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, and several parabens.

Kiss My Face Bath and Body Wash

Kiss My Face (KMF) and its related companies tout themselves as “pioneers” in “natural cosmetics” and say they are “respected leaders in natural body care.” But, the complaint alleges, the word “natural” is not accurate for at least two of its products—KMF® 2-in-1 Deep Moisturizing Body Lotion and KMF® Bath and Body Wash. According to the complaint, both of these products contain synthetic ingredients.

image of drews all natural salad dressing

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Drew's salad dressing products are mislabelled as "all natural," when, in fact, they contain at least one or more synthetic ingredients. 

image of huggies wipes

This class action lawsuit claims that the Kimberly-Clark Corporation falsely labeled Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes as being “natural,” “gentle,” “hypoallergenic,” and mad with the “simplest formula for a gentle clean,” when, in fact, they contain non-natural, synthetic chemical ingredients.

image of method products

The plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit allege that Ecover falsely labeled and advertised certain Method and Ecover branded products as "all natural" when, in fact, they contain synthetic ingredients.