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2019 Hyundai Sonata

Airbags are supposed to keep drivers and passengers safe. But what happens if the airbag control unit (ACU) is defective? Will anyone know it’s defective until an accident actually occurs? And what if the seatbelt tensioners are also involved? The complaint for this class action alleges that ZF TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. sold faulty ACUs, and that Hyundai Motor America, Inc. and Kia Motor America, Inc. kept putting them in cars and downplayed the serious risks involved, even though they knew better.

H&R Block Logo

Did you know that H&R Block has a free filing program for persons who earn less than $66,000 per year? No? The complaint for this class action says that’s no accident. While the company is in the Free File Program, the complaint says, it deliberately hides that program from taxpayers and attempts to divert them to paid filing programs. The complaint claims that this behavior violates California laws, breaches contracts, and results in unjust enrichment.

Eddie Bauer Ad with Three People on Peak Looking at Distant Mountains

Class actions have been brought against number of famous brands for false “original” pricing in their outlet stores on merchandise that was made to be sold cheaply. This case alleges a new twist on such false reference pricing, by extending it to a company’s main stores, catalog, and website. The complaint claims that Eddie Bauer, LLC’s clothing and other goods are not expected to be sold at their original prices. It claims that the majority of the time, the company runs “sales” offering certain percentage discounts, sometimes on “everything.” 

Comenity Bank Logo

The complaint begins by asserting, “Comenity remains one of, if the not the most abusive, robodialer in the country.” It is referring to Comenity Bank, which it claims “blasted Plaintiff’s cellular telephone with over 379 calls … in the span of two months” for an account that it claims was only one month delinquent. The complaint brings suit under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Hand Thrust Out for Money

The complaint for this class action alleges that Lawgix Lawyers, LLC, Lawgix, Inc., and attorney Michael D. Johnson provided false contact information in legal documentation. US Bank, NA is also named as a defendant, because the contact number provided went to US Bank and because the filings concerned a debt with US Bank that had already been satisfied. The complaint brings its allegations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  

Spark Energy Logo

The complaint for this class action tells a familiar story: An alternative retail energy supplier encourages customers to switch from their old supplier by promising competitive variable rates. The customer switches, then discovers that rates are higher and seem to “vary” mostly in one direction. In this case, the retail energy supplier is Spark Energy, LLC. 

Characters from Fortnite Game

Epic Games, Inc. permits free downloads of its video games, including the game Fortnite, which is aimed at children. However, the free games aren’t always entirely free; they may involve in-app purchases. The complaint for this class action asking for a declaratory judgment confirming “a minor’s right to disaffirm in-app purchases…” That is, the complaint alleges that Epic cannot refuse to refund in-app purchases that were targeted at minors in games designed for minors.

Naitonstar Logo

When plaintiff Nicholas Parrino had family medical problems and was no longer able to pay his mortgage, he decided to arrange a short sale to limit his losses. Although he found a buyer, he claims that Nationstar Mortgage, LLC and Xome, Inc. prevented him from selling by requiring that he participate in a program that made the sale impossible. In this class action, he and another plaintiff with a similar experience sue the two companies. 

Sun Tan City Storefront

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) isn’t the only law now attempting to protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing. States are increasingly developing their own laws to try to counter the barrage of calls still irritating consumers. This complaint alleges that Sun Tan City, LLC has violated both the TCPA and the South Carolina Telephone Privacy Protection Act (SCTPPA) when it sent text messages to consumers.

Looking Up at JPMorgan Building

When a bank’s mortgage contract says that a borrower will not incur any prepayment penalty if they pay the loan off early, what does that include? Is a transfer fee a penalty? The complaint for this class action says it is and claims that JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA violates its own mortgage contracts by charging this fee when a mortgage is refinanced.