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This lawsuit alleges that Wells Fargo charged mortgagee's for a property inspections if the mortgage payment went past due. Specifically, Wells Fargo ordered a property inspection whenever a borrower fell behind on mortgage payments by forty-five days or more, and then ordered subsequent inspections every twenty-five to thirty-five days for as long as the borrower remained delinquent.

This Lawsuit alleges certain products have been falsely labeled "100% natural," "All Natural," or "Nothing Artificial;" where in fact those products contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Kashi denies any false advertising. Kashi has agreed to a monetary settlement, as well as removing the "All Natural" label from their products containing GMOs.

This is an investigation  in response to customer complaints about the outdoor resurfacer and sealant called Olympic Rescue It! 

Scottrade sued for security breach

This lawsuit alleges that Scottrade breached its fiduciary duties to account holders by failing to exercise reasonable security precautions and comply with industry standards for storing confidential and private personal information, in violation of California consumer and business statutes.

Mortgage Settlement

This class action alleges that Ocwen Loan Servicing failed to present to county recorders, in a timely manner, proof that mortgages have been satisfied. 

Wells Fargo Sign

This class action alleges that Wells Fargo Bank improperly charged for certain attorneys’ fees related to the personal bankruptcy proceedings of mortgage holders. 

The lawsuit alleges that Templeton Rye Spirits used deceptive marketing by labeling their Templeton Rye Whiskey as "Small Batch" and "Made in Iowa". In actuality it is distilled in the State of Indiana. Apparently, evidence also exists that the whiskey is not made in small batches.

The lawsuit alleges that Anheuser-Busch misrepresented to consumers that Beck's Beer is brewed in and imported from Germany. Plaintiffs allege that these beers are in fact domestically brewed but priced as a premium imported beer. 

This investigation focuses on the claims made by marketers of Garcinia Cambogia weight loss products.

A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Nike, Inc. and Apple Inc. regarding the Nike+ FuelBand. The lawsuit claims that Nike and Apple violated consumer protection laws when marketing the Nike+ FuelBand.