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This class action alleges that certain models of Taurus Pistols have safety defects that may cause them to fire when dropped or bumped, even with the safety in the “safe” or “on” position. 

This class action alleges that ZeoBIT marketed its MacKeeper software as being able to enhance Apple Macintosh computers’ speed, security, and performance by finding and eliminating errors and threats. However, according to the class action, some of the errors or threats identified were false and the software does not do everything it claims to do. 

This class action alleges that Gallup violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by using an automatic dialing system to place calls to the cells phones of persons who had not consented to receive the calls.


This class action alleges that Ocwen Loan Servicing required home-loan borrowers to pay for lender-placed insurance (LPI) policies from Assurant companies in such a way that Ocwen received a “kickback” commission or other payment. It also claims that the rates and amount of coverage were excessive. The Assurant companies included in the class action are the following:

This class action alleges that ExamSoft’s SoftTest software used by takers of the bar exam in July 2014 failed to work properly.

This class action alleges that American Express did not adequately inform buyers and holders of its gift cards of the full terms and conditions for using the cards.

This class action alleges that Digital River and Symantec violated consumer protection laws and common law by charging customers for Extended Download Service or Norton Download Insurance (the ability to re-download software they had purchased) without disclosing that free ways existed to re-download. 

Advance Security & Intercoms Logo

This class action lawsuit alleges that Advance Security and Intercoms, Inc. sent unsolicited faxes to consumers and businesses in violation of federal law.


Reebok sued re ADA violations

This lawsuit alleges that Reebok violates the ADA because its website does not allow legally bind citizens to access it using standard software integration tools.

PNI Digital Media sued for data breach

This lawsuit alleges that PNI Digital Media violated state conumer protection laws when its servers were hacked exposing consumer private information.