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This lawsuit alleges that certain model Volvo have defective sunroofs and this defect allows water and moisture to seep into the floor pan causing property damage.

WHole Foods Evaporated Cain Juice lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Whole Foods violated state consumer protection laws in the marketing of various products in the “365 Everyday” product line.  Rather than disclose that these products contain sugar, Whole Foods labelled the products as contain “Evaporated Cane Juice”, which in fact is sugar.

That's How We Roll Dippin' Chips

Two months after a class action suit was filed, the plaintiff dismissed the case. David Scarola of Florida had issued a class action against That’s How We Roll, LLC, of Delaware. The suit alleged that the snack company, which makes Party’Tizers™ branded chips, knowingly and falsely marketed its products as “all-natural” in violation of consumer protection laws.

Nordstrom Rack Tag

This class action alleges that California Nordstrom Rack stores violate state law by offering goods at “discounts” to regular retail prices, but in fact those retail prices are nonexistent.

Purina sued for chemicals in dog food

This lawsuit alleges that Purina Beneful “kibble” pet foods contain toxins harmful to dogs.

Old Spice Class action

This lawsuit alleges that Proctor & Gamble violated federal and state law in the packaging of certain deodorant and antiperspirant products because the package contained unlawful “slack fill” and was designed to hide the true amount of the product. 

Lumber Liquidators Sued Re Flooring

This lawsuit alleges that Lumber Liquidators knowingly sold indoor flooring that contained unlawful and dangerous amounts of formaldehyde.

Interior View, 2011 BMW

This lawsuit alleges that the navigation system on the 2012 and 2013 BMWs was prone to systemic failure and malfunction because of a defect that causes it to generate incorrect directions, identify wrong current locations and points of interest, not locate streets and/or addresses, and suddenly reset, among many other problems. 

Mastic Oasis Composite Decking Products

This class action lawsuit alleges that Oasis Composite Decking is defective and the defect(s) render the deck material prone to severe cracking, warping, and discoloration after installation. Furthermore, the decking prematurely fails requiring replacement far sooner than consumers reasonably expect.

JAG Specialty Foods Angonoa's Breadsticks

JAG Speciality Foods makes breadsticks. This lawsuit alleges that JAG Specialties violated consumer protection laws by claiming that its bread sticks were “All Natural” while at the same time those breadsticks contained corn syrup and soybean oil, two highly synthesized ingredients.