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This class action alleges that Groupon and businesses making offers through Groupon illegally used expiration dates and other restrictions on vouchers, violated state consumer laws, and failed to make adequate disclosures of terms. It combines a number of lawsuits against Groupon. A previous settlement was reached in 2012 but was terminated after an appeal.

This class action alleges that Red Robin International failed to honor customer requests to redeem gift cards for cash when their balances fell below $10, despite the fact that they are required to do so by California law.

This class action alleges that iYogi, Inc. violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by making calls to individuals’ cell phones without their consent. 

This class action alleges that a debt collector named GC Services used unfair practices in trying to collect consumer debts by not properly informing consumers of what they need to do in order to preserve their rights and protections under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

This class action lawsuit alleges that NAC Marketing Company, LLC committed violations of several provisions of California's Business and Professions Code by failing to meet the law's requirements for automatic renewal or continuous service offers in connection with the sale of testosterone supplements and other products.

This class action lawsuit alleges that several ARCO and AM/PM gas station stores located in the Portland, Oregon area owned by the defendant are in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act due to accessibility barriers situated in their parking lots which prevent the paraplegic plaintiff  and others from utilizing the facilities.

This lawsuit alleges that General Mills falsely and misleadingly marketed Cheerios Protein cereal as a high protein alternative to Cheerios, in violation of the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and state business codes. 

This class action alleges that the labeling and advertising for some Avalon Organics and Jason brand cosmetic products misleads consumers into thinking that the products are organic. 

Boeing, Inc. is the target of a Washington State class action lawsuit that contends the company excludes treatment for autism in its employee and family benefits plan. 

A class action lawsuit alleges the containers of whey dietary products from Glanbia Performance Nutrition, or Optimum Nutrition, are not filled to an acceptable level, averaging 35% empty space, or “slack-fill.”