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image of a gold card

This class action lawsuit claims that when GNC discontinued its popular Gold Club program, millions of consumers were unable to receive the benefits of the program for the full one-year period contemplated when they paid to join the program.

image of doordash logo

This class action lawsuit claims that DoorDash violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending consumers across the country unsolicited spam text messages to their cell phones in late 2016.

image of a woman talking to her doctor

            This class action lawsuit claims that United Health systematically discriminated against beneficiaries with eating disorders by failing to cover the costs of their out-patient treatment for recovery.

image of nyc applebees location

This class action lawsuit claims that two Applebee’s locations in New York City illegally charge surcharges for food from the restaurant instead of allowing customers to choose how much they wish to tip.

image of a toyota dashboard

Two years ago, Toyota settled litigation stemming from defective dashboards that can melt and peel when exposed to sunlight and hot temperatures.  This class action lawsuit claims that Toyota has failed to comply with the settlement agreement and has not yet made all of the necessary repairs.

image of a fax machine

This class action lawsuit claims that Optum360 illegally sent advertisements to consumers with whom there was no established relationship via fax machine without consent.

image of harbor freight tools logo

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Harbor Freight violated the law by advertising merchandise as “on sale” or “comp at” that had not been sold at the stated regular or “comp at” price for 28 of the preceding 90 days. 

image depicting force placed insurance

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that when a borrower was required to have insurance for his or her property pursuant to a residential mortgage or hom eequity loan or line of credit, and evidence of acceptable coverage was not provided, Seterus would place insurnace in a manner such that they allegedly received an unauthorized benefit.

image of bokf logo

The plaintiff in this class action lawsuit alleges that the Bank of Oklahoma (BOKF) improperly assessed overdraft fees for insufficient funds on debit card transactions, check card purchases, and/or ATM withdrawals by sequencing transactions in a high-to-low posting order, resulting in increased overdraft fees in some instances.

image of clairol balsam color products

This class action lawsuit claims that Clairol Balsam hair coloring dyes can have serious side effects that can harm the short term comfort and long term health of users.