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Campus Debt Solutions TCPA Settlement

Educational Financial Solutions, LLC, which does business s Campus Debt Solutions (CDS), is putting aside over a million dollars to settle a class action alleging that it violated the Telephone...Read more

Walmart Excessive Sales Tax Pennsylvania Settlement

Walmart is settling a class action alleging that when customers bought items with coupons, it charged them sales tax on the original price of the item rather than on the price they actually paid...Read more

Webasto and Espar Parking Heaters Antitrust Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that the defendants conspired to fix or raise the price of aftermarket parking heaters. Parking heaters are used to heat commercial vehicles...Read more

Ocean County Correctional Facility Strip Search Settlement

Ocean County is settling a class action alleging that individuals admitted to its correctional facility who were charged with non-indictable offenses were illegally strip-searched. Read more